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Icha Icha Ninja
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First Meeting and First Lessons. 
16th-Aug-2005 04:40 pm
My genin team consists of three members of the Sakura village. During our introductory meeting, I was able to learn a little about them. I have found more things out by asking others for information and watching them interact. They are an interesting group and they remind me of the previous one I had.
This is a good a place as any to layout what I have found.

1. Yuffie Kisaragi -
Member of the Kisaragi clan, which is apparently the top clan in some country called Wutai. Her father, Godo, appears to be the Lord over the town.
She's nineteen, her birthday November 20th. Older than most genin I've taught. Also older than she acts.
Self-proclaimed Materia Hunter. From what I heard, this actually translates to Materia Thief. Her usage and knowledge of Materia may indicate a proficiency with Ninjutsu.
Her concentration is weak, and thus has difficulty with chakra control. However, she seems to be able to tap into her chakra without much trouble.
She gets along fine with Cookie, but has a strange relationship with Sasuke. I have not been able to detect whether it is romantic or competitive, and will have to keep an eye on those two.

2. Sasuke -
I was thankful to find out that he did not have any vengeance issues, therefore, this Sasuke should prove easier to work with.
He is from another realm entirely, such as myself, where he comes from the Rokkaku-gakure village. His companions have told me that in this village, he was considered rather skilled.
Surprisingly, he is only thirteen. He acts older than his age.
When it comes to the basics of Taijutsu, Sasuke seems to have experience with this. His speed and agility are notable. What else he may succeed in will have to be found later.
Lacks in motivation. However, seems to be just as determined as the others when he sets his mind to it.
Is better at concentration than Yuffie, but still has problems. Appears to have the hardest time tapping into his chakra, but does well at controlling when accomplished.
Rather intelligent, which is why he gets along easily with Cookie. His relationship with Yuffie is strange, but most likely to be a rivalry of some sort.

3. Cookie Hidaka -
Her past seems to be a touchy subject with her, and a few others around here. I will have to talk to Rik-san about this. Her father is the President of that company and her mother comes from the same village as Yuffie.
Incredibly, she is twenty-five years old. How am I supposed to teach someone a year younger than me? Her birthday is January 29th. While she doesn't act immature, she doesn't act as old as she is.
Has superb chakra control. She does well with Taijutsu, but is not at Sasuke's level. She seems to have a large amount of stamina and high intelligence. She claims to have been with an assassin group and shows tactics knowledge and leadership abilities. However, she doesn't have the will or desire to lead at all, but only help others.
Seems to have not met either of the two prior to arranging this team. However, she gets along with both members just fine.

I was able to touch on Kawarimi in the last meeting and perhaps we will do some training on it in the next session. I will also teach them Henge no jutsu and evaluate their results with that. Dependant on their performance, the meeting after that may be on Taijutsu or further chakra control. I shall see how this develops.

Any further information about my genin would be appreciated.
icha icha - never leave home without it.
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