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Icha Icha Ninja
can you afford to be reading this?
Another genin team? 
22nd-Jul-2005 11:43 pm
From what I can deduct of the meeting with my new genin team, I was brought here from Konoha (by a mysterious man named "Luc" who I shall investigate at a later time) in order to teach these ninjas. I really did not care to catch their names, but we will introduce ourselves formally tomorrow.

Not so surprisingly, the three of them lacked basic chakra control, jutsus, and even real equipment. However, they understood the point of my infamous bell test and the loud scrawny girl was able to get one off me. In fact, she was able to even use some sort of Katon jutsu. She called it "magic" and yelled out "Fire 2", but I believe it to be something similiar. I shall ask her more about it tomorrow.

I have to retrieve some blank forehead protectors, sandals, a large supply of kunais, smoke bombs, kunai holsters, and pouches for these three genin. Also, the name of this village would be nice... I will need to inscribe the village symbol onto the forehead protectors myself, I presume. Ah, much work lies ahead for me... I better start soon.
[anbu sneak attack!]
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