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Icha Icha Ninja
can you afford to be reading this?
Ore wa... 
7th-Jul-2005 04:05 am
What sort of journal is this? Displayed to the public, rather contradicting, isn't it? I suppose it will do.

Something tells me that this is where I introduce myself.

My name is Hatake Kakashi. I don't plan on tell you my interests or goals.

Though, maybe a little explanation is in order. This doesn't look like a village I am familiar with...

As you might have noticed from my forehead protector, I am a ninja from Konohagakure village. I'm a Jounin.

If you've leafed through a copy of the Bingo Book in the last few years, I assure you that you've heard of me. Under the index, I'll most likely be found under "Sharingan no Kakashi". Apparently, I am famous. Or infamous?

Though, when I tell a few of the residence here that I am the Copy Ninja Kakashi, they are unimpressed and claim to never heard of me. To think I even danced for a few of those ladies...

Let me know where this is and how I got here. I don't see anyone with the capabilities to perform a high-rank teleportation jutsu.

In fact... I don't see any ninja at all. This is getting to be more trouble than its worth.

Until I have been brought up-to-date with this current situation, I will be outside surveying the town. I seemed to have dropped my favorite copy of Icha Icha Paradise as well. Please return it or I'll locate you with a jutsu of my own.

angstier than you (so there)
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