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Icha Icha Ninja
can you afford to be reading this?
Strange Interference... 
5th-Jan-2006 03:17 am
My team successfully completed their tree climbing training last week. I must say I'm rather proud of them. They all completed it by the end of the day, which my last team didn't even manage to do. Hm..

Then, yesterday, while I was taking them out to try some water-walking training, we discovered a maiden in distress. The young lady was endangered of getting eaten by a dragon, so I naturally left my genin to clean up the mess. The girl's name is Tohru and she happens to be one of Rik-san's daughters. I've spent some time with her and believe she is a nice young lady. She is nice company to be around and I look forward to possibly having another dinner with her again.

Heh, but Sasuke and Cookie do not like my being around her, for some reason, so I believe its a nice thing to do to make them believe we have more going on than we do. Ah, its so fun to torture them...

Anyhow. Today, I decided on training to figure out which type of ninja skills each of them specialized in. I've started them off with some taijutsu, which Sasuke looks to be the winner in. I can't say for sure which type of fighting style that boy would be best at, but I do have a few things in mind... Unfortunately, it looks like the one of them that I will be able to train the most is Yuffie, as I am nearly positive she is the one who is most proficient in ninjutsu. Can't win them all, I guess.

Oh, and these strangers came today and one of them was positively Yuffie. Yuffie merged with that other one to become whole again. Isn't that interesting?
angstier than you (so there)
5th-Jan-2006 09:54 pm (UTC) - Hi Kakashi
I'm glad to hear that your team is doing so well. At least you weren't brought here in vain ne? I do request though that if you plan on spending time with Tohru that you don't break her heart. Let her know how you feel right away before she can develope any feelings towards you that you may not reciprocate. I don't want to see her heart being broken. Thank you Kakashi I know that you will do as I ask.
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