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Icha Icha Ninja
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Successful week of training. 
21st-Sep-2005 11:09 pm
I am surprised at how well my students picked up their training this week. Though, I must admit that it wasn't entirely unexpected.

The three of them seem to have gotten a good grip on kawarimi (and real mastering of this technique can only be done through practical use) and their henge/transformation technique is not bad at all. A little rough around the edges sometimes--figuratively--but that's to be expected with first-time users.

I've heard that one of my genin has taken to this technique a bit more than she should. Yuffie's distaste (or fascination, obsession, hatred... whatever the hell it is) for Sasuke is intriguing at best. I think it's something she'll grow out of as the team gets closer. Hopefully.

After the round of the two ninjutsu techniques (kawarimi and henge), I've been working with them the last couple of days with taijutsu. Just working on the basics: fall-break techniques, rolling, endurance training, etc. If they did not have school, I would probably be able to move quicker with these three. However, both Yuffie and Sasuke attend classes and soon I will be teaching some. Never thought myself of the classroom teaching type... but it would be wrong to deny these people of the service. Heh. I sound rather egotistical... I'll stop now.
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