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Icha Icha Ninja
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5th-Jan-2006 03:17 am - Strange Interference...
My team successfully completed their tree climbing training last week. I must say I'm rather proud of them. They all completed it by the end of the day, which my last team didn't even manage to do. Hm..

Then, yesterday, while I was taking them out to try some water-walking training, we discovered a maiden in distress. The young lady was endangered of getting eaten by a dragon, so I naturally left my genin to clean up the mess. The girl's name is Tohru and she happens to be one of Rik-san's daughters. I've spent some time with her and believe she is a nice young lady. She is nice company to be around and I look forward to possibly having another dinner with her again.

Heh, but Sasuke and Cookie do not like my being around her, for some reason, so I believe its a nice thing to do to make them believe we have more going on than we do. Ah, its so fun to torture them...

Anyhow. Today, I decided on training to figure out which type of ninja skills each of them specialized in. I've started them off with some taijutsu, which Sasuke looks to be the winner in. I can't say for sure which type of fighting style that boy would be best at, but I do have a few things in mind... Unfortunately, it looks like the one of them that I will be able to train the most is Yuffie, as I am nearly positive she is the one who is most proficient in ninjutsu. Can't win them all, I guess.

Oh, and these strangers came today and one of them was positively Yuffie. Yuffie merged with that other one to become whole again. Isn't that interesting?
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30th-Oct-2005 01:14 am - Progress...
I've started teaching... first couple days are a little weird. To be expected, I suppose. But I am proud of my genin.

Sasuke and Cookie are disciplined learners, as usual, but Yuffie is making some progress herself, too. These kids aren't (that) young and it shows.

Next lesson is tree-climbing. Heh. We'll see how they fare with that. I have a feeling it'll be interesting...

Haven't found much else to do around here. Almost done with Icha Icha Paradise...
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21st-Sep-2005 11:09 pm - Successful week of training.
I am surprised at how well my students picked up their training this week. Though, I must admit that it wasn't entirely unexpected.

The three of them seem to have gotten a good grip on kawarimi (and real mastering of this technique can only be done through practical use) and their henge/transformation technique is not bad at all. A little rough around the edges sometimes--figuratively--but that's to be expected with first-time users.

I've heard that one of my genin has taken to this technique a bit more than she should. Yuffie's distaste (or fascination, obsession, hatred... whatever the hell it is) for Sasuke is intriguing at best. I think it's something she'll grow out of as the team gets closer. Hopefully.

After the round of the two ninjutsu techniques (kawarimi and henge), I've been working with them the last couple of days with taijutsu. Just working on the basics: fall-break techniques, rolling, endurance training, etc. If they did not have school, I would probably be able to move quicker with these three. However, both Yuffie and Sasuke attend classes and soon I will be teaching some. Never thought myself of the classroom teaching type... but it would be wrong to deny these people of the service. Heh. I sound rather egotistical... I'll stop now.
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16th-Aug-2005 04:40 pm - First Meeting and First Lessons.
My genin team consists of three members of the Sakura village. During our introductory meeting, I was able to learn a little about them. I have found more things out by asking others for information and watching them interact. They are an interesting group and they remind me of the previous one I had.
This is a good a place as any to layout what I have found.

1. Yuffie Kisaragi -
Member of the Kisaragi clan, which is apparently the top clan in some country called Wutai. Her father, Godo, appears to be the Lord over the town.
She's nineteen, her birthday November 20th. Older than most genin I've taught. Also older than she acts.
Self-proclaimed Materia Hunter. From what I heard, this actually translates to Materia Thief. Her usage and knowledge of Materia may indicate a proficiency with Ninjutsu.
Her concentration is weak, and thus has difficulty with chakra control. However, she seems to be able to tap into her chakra without much trouble.
She gets along fine with Cookie, but has a strange relationship with Sasuke. I have not been able to detect whether it is romantic or competitive, and will have to keep an eye on those two.

2. Sasuke -
I was thankful to find out that he did not have any vengeance issues, therefore, this Sasuke should prove easier to work with.
He is from another realm entirely, such as myself, where he comes from the Rokkaku-gakure village. His companions have told me that in this village, he was considered rather skilled.
Surprisingly, he is only thirteen. He acts older than his age.
When it comes to the basics of Taijutsu, Sasuke seems to have experience with this. His speed and agility are notable. What else he may succeed in will have to be found later.
Lacks in motivation. However, seems to be just as determined as the others when he sets his mind to it.
Is better at concentration than Yuffie, but still has problems. Appears to have the hardest time tapping into his chakra, but does well at controlling when accomplished.
Rather intelligent, which is why he gets along easily with Cookie. His relationship with Yuffie is strange, but most likely to be a rivalry of some sort.

3. Cookie Hidaka -
Her past seems to be a touchy subject with her, and a few others around here. I will have to talk to Rik-san about this. Her father is the President of that company and her mother comes from the same village as Yuffie.
Incredibly, she is twenty-five years old. How am I supposed to teach someone a year younger than me? Her birthday is January 29th. While she doesn't act immature, she doesn't act as old as she is.
Has superb chakra control. She does well with Taijutsu, but is not at Sasuke's level. She seems to have a large amount of stamina and high intelligence. She claims to have been with an assassin group and shows tactics knowledge and leadership abilities. However, she doesn't have the will or desire to lead at all, but only help others.
Seems to have not met either of the two prior to arranging this team. However, she gets along with both members just fine.

I was able to touch on Kawarimi in the last meeting and perhaps we will do some training on it in the next session. I will also teach them Henge no jutsu and evaluate their results with that. Dependant on their performance, the meeting after that may be on Taijutsu or further chakra control. I shall see how this develops.

Any further information about my genin would be appreciated.
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22nd-Jul-2005 11:43 pm - Another genin team?
From what I can deduct of the meeting with my new genin team, I was brought here from Konoha (by a mysterious man named "Luc" who I shall investigate at a later time) in order to teach these ninjas. I really did not care to catch their names, but we will introduce ourselves formally tomorrow.

Not so surprisingly, the three of them lacked basic chakra control, jutsus, and even real equipment. However, they understood the point of my infamous bell test and the loud scrawny girl was able to get one off me. In fact, she was able to even use some sort of Katon jutsu. She called it "magic" and yelled out "Fire 2", but I believe it to be something similiar. I shall ask her more about it tomorrow.

I have to retrieve some blank forehead protectors, sandals, a large supply of kunais, smoke bombs, kunai holsters, and pouches for these three genin. Also, the name of this village would be nice... I will need to inscribe the village symbol onto the forehead protectors myself, I presume. Ah, much work lies ahead for me... I better start soon.
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7th-Jul-2005 04:05 am - Ore wa...
What sort of journal is this? Displayed to the public, rather contradicting, isn't it? I suppose it will do.

Something tells me that this is where I introduce myself.

My name is Hatake Kakashi. I don't plan on tell you my interests or goals.

Though, maybe a little explanation is in order. This doesn't look like a village I am familiar with...

As you might have noticed from my forehead protector, I am a ninja from Konohagakure village. I'm a Jounin.

If you've leafed through a copy of the Bingo Book in the last few years, I assure you that you've heard of me. Under the index, I'll most likely be found under "Sharingan no Kakashi". Apparently, I am famous. Or infamous?

Though, when I tell a few of the residence here that I am the Copy Ninja Kakashi, they are unimpressed and claim to never heard of me. To think I even danced for a few of those ladies...

Let me know where this is and how I got here. I don't see anyone with the capabilities to perform a high-rank teleportation jutsu.

In fact... I don't see any ninja at all. This is getting to be more trouble than its worth.

Until I have been brought up-to-date with this current situation, I will be outside surveying the town. I seemed to have dropped my favorite copy of Icha Icha Paradise as well. Please return it or I'll locate you with a jutsu of my own.

angstier than you (so there)
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